What is the legal age in BC? The age of majority is 19 in B.C.

Do I really need a legal will and why? If you don’t have a will you estate will be divided by the Estate Administration Act. The rules in the Estate Administration Act are arbitrary and not necessarily what you would want to do with your estate.

How long will it take for me to get divorced? It will take several months for an uncontested divorce.

Will legal aid handle my case? You have to check with Legal Aid.

Where can I find the law related to my case if I want to research it myself? While there are individual websites for cases, statutes and regulations in Canada, we recommend you use Canadian Legal Information Institute site as it has a better search engine than most of the individual sites and has links to the official sites. You can find some municipal bylaws such as the the City of Nanaimo Bylaws on there websites. You can also search the local law libraries within B.C. through the B.C. Courthouse Library Society. If you are looking for help for a family matter in B.C. visit Legal Services Society Self-help Family Materials.

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